You are uniquely

The more you understand about your unique design the more empowered you are to live authentically, navigate challenges skillfully and create the life story you really want to tell.

Hi, I am Donna.

I am here to support you in the creation of your beautiful unfolding story. Together we can unpack your unique design and strengthen your relationship with you.

All levels of success personally and professionally are grounded in the strength of your relationship to you.

All levels of success personally and professionally are grounded in the strength of your relationship to you.

Your journey begins.

Most of my clients come to me because they want something in their lives to change.  Sometimes they are very clear what that specific change is, and they want support in making it real.  Sometimes though, clients come with a generalized feeling that something isn’t working, and they aren’t quite sure what needs to change.

You may feel a lack of enthusiasm or motivation, or you may feel overwhelmed, filled with angst or just feel that something is off. Without knowing what is causing it you can feel disconnected from yourself and your life, eager for more internal freedom, confidence and comfort in your own skin.

Your unique design includes your specific soul’s journey. That journey is filled with joy and challenge. It is a journey of healing and personal triumph.

I do not know if I have the words to truly express the impact Donna has had on my life. Her wisdom and coaching are unmatched. She is a soft place to fall, a trampoline from which to rebound, a sturdy supporter. She is masterful as a coach and has had a huge impact on my life.

Kerry G. Bennett, MD, MPH, FACS

I trust Donna unquestioningly with my most challenging issues. I know whatever the topic she will bring her complete presence, her warm open heart, and her fierce commitment to my clarity and my freedom.

Being coached by Donna feels like having coffee with one of your best friends, but with the added benefit that she really knows how to help you untangle from thoughts and beliefs that are not helping you. 

She is a wise, compassionate and skillful guide on my quest to stand fully in my own power.

Liz Wiltzen, PCC, CPCC

Coach, Artist, Writer

Donna Krone is a Life Purpose Coach Extraordinaire. I still don’t really know how it all worked, but the process with her was fun and magical. My Life Purpose emerged the way images do in a Polaroid photo-vague outlines at first, then a bit of color, and then VOILA! There it is! I now have this Life Purpose that is bold and toe-tickling.

Jeffrey Jacobson, CPCC, CTI Leader