Coaching & Workshops

I provide personal coaching, workshops, and retreats to help individuals develop the empowering skills and insights that lead to a redesign of personal and professional success. 
There are two ways to work with me.

Personal Coaching

Because life gets better with a coach!

One on one personal and professional co-active coaching that dives deep into exploring your unique design and helping you create more of what you really want. Coaching based on the belief that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, you have the answers you seek and that I as coach join you as a committed and supportive guide in your discovery.  Coaching that helps you redefine and re-create success.

Because life feels better, is easier and is much more fun when you have a partner completely committed to you living in alignment with your values, your desires and your highest good. Coaching carves out time for you to reflect and develop in ways that help you to be more intentional in how you are living and who you are being. Taking time to explore, reflect and delight in your uniqueness and to grow in your own authority is motivating and inspiring.

I use a multidisciplinary coaching approach that draws from many years of study in positive psychology, leadership and relationship coaching, creativity and innovation, spirituality, enneagram personality structure, legacy work, metaphysics and life purpose discovery. Based on your agenda for our work together I draw from my many sources to design what works best for you.

We can meet on the phone via conference call from wherever you are or in person at my office in Lakeville, MA.

All coaching clients begin with a complimentary 30-minute introductory session. This is a great chance for us to get to know each other and make sure we're a good fit before moving forward.

40 minute sessions $150

60 minute sessions $225

120 minute session $450

1-4 sessions per month based on your preference

Donna Krone, PCC, CPCC, CTPC,  has been coaching, studying coaching and creating and teaching coaching curriculum for the past 16 years. She is known for her warmth, her intuition, her wide range of coaching skills and her deep commitment to her clients.

Donna brings to each session a magical combination of wisdom, compassion, insight and warmth.  As you journey, with Donna as your guide, you learn to trust yourself, bring compassion to yourself, and to honor yourself. 

Donna's masterful coaching is a precious gift that keeps giving beyond the confines of the sessions. It is a wondrous, transformative journey of the mind, body and soul. 

Donna is a shining jewel of the coaching community.


The experience of working with Donna was so much more impactful than I expected it would be and the discoveries made throughout have been far reaching. Donna is warm, inviting yet professional and structured.  Her ability to recognize and react to the energy shift in a discussion and stay curious, deepened the conversation which in turn led to some amazing discoveries and some "ah ha" moments.

Donna is a master at her craft and the environment she creates.  A wonderful experience all the way around.

Cynthia Carse Brown

CynertyCrossFit & Personalized Nutrition

I looked forward to our calls and I always walked away with something that inspired me or made me rethink something.  I actually feel confident for the first time in a long time, and I am ready to take on new challenges. I am very appreciative of your guidance and our time together. I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity. I came in thinking it was for one thing, and I ended up opening up in a way I never thought I would or could.  It was a humbling experience to which I am very grateful.

Lauren Gladstone

Plant-based Food Instructor & Synagogue President

Group Coaching

Circle Up and find your seat at the table.

Small group coaching and teaching that refreshes the heart, opens the mind and soothes the soul. A deep personal exploration in service to creating more of what you REALLY want and the freedom to be more of who you REALLY are.

Because it’s a basic human need to be seen and known and to grow together with others in a safe and encouraging space. Despite social media we are more disconnected as a society than ever before. When we let down our masks in a safe and nurturing environment and get real with others who are doing the same, we reveal our common humanity and develop more compassion and self love, the cornerstones to our success. It is a much needed antidote to the disconnection, discouragement and division that we are living with in our culture. The desired outcome is a life filled with more empowerment, personal freedom and a sense of connection to self and others.

  • Groups of 3-6 individuals
  • Two 90-minute sessions each month
  • A 4-month session with option to renew
  • Assignments and reflective exercises for in-between calls
  • Optional facebook group sharing
  • One free 40-minute one on one personal coaching session ( $150 value)

We'll meet on the phone via conference call from wherever you are.

Pricing is per person, per month.

3 person group $250/month

4 person group $200/month

6 person group $150/month

Sign up to be placed in a group or gather a group of your own.

Donna Krone, PCC, CPCC, CTPC,  has been coaching, studying coaching and creating and teaching coaching curriculum for the past 16 years. She is known for her warmth, her intuition, her wide range of coaching skills and her deep commitment to her clients.

Photo by James Elchico

While working with Donna I have felt loved, appreciated, scared, exhilarated, hopeful, confused and full of joy all in one session. Wow what a ride! That’s what I call getting your money's worth! Thanks Donna for introducing me to my very own sacred place inside.

Steve Kennedy, CPCC

Owner of Your Best Life Beverly, MA

Donna’s process for discovering your purpose has transformed my life. A year ago, I was discouraged and unfocused. Today I am energized and about to set off in a new direction. Donna’s approach was unique—spiritual and intensely practical at the same time. Exactly what I needed. I feel so fortunate to be one of her clients.

Kathleen Jordan, PhD


Coaching sessions with Donna are themselves “sacred conversations”: with amazing sensitivity, intuition, and wisdom she connects with my Highest Self/Soul, encouraging it through her presence and powerful questions to speak its truth about whatever issues show up, from the lofty to the mundane. And I emerge with results – both changed perspectives and tangible products such as a life purpose statement and legacy letters.

Margaret Newhouse, PhD

Founder of The Life Planning Network